• the alumni of the 1980

      April 24, recently, Yu Minhong, the alumni of the 1980 Western Language Department of Peking University and the chairman of the New Oriental Education Science and technology group, donated 50 million yuan to Peking University on behalf of New Oriental, setting up "the New Oriental Education Fund of the Peking University", offering a special gift for the alma mater's 120th Anniversary school celebrationThe Hong Kong Polytechnic University is known as the best university of hong kong in providing hospitality education programme. .

      At the scene of the donation ceremony, Yu Minhong signed a donation agreement with Lin Jianhua, President of Peking University and President of the Foreign Language College of Peking University, and Lin Jianhua, the principal of the president, awarded Yu Minhong "Peking University honorary school".

      It is understood that the New Oriental Education Fund of Peking University will be used to strengthen the teaching and scientific research and talent training of Beijing University of foreign languages, support the construction of a high level of teachers, encourage students to participate in the practice of overseas exchange and study, and introduce and cultivate more top and leading talents for Beijing University and the stateHong Kong personal loan : CCB(Asia)'s personal instalment loan service allows you to enjoy liquidity with a low interest rate and $0 handling fee. Make your personal goals more reachable with extra cash on hands! .

      Lin Jianhua, President of Peking University, thanked Yu Minhong alumni for their concern and support for alma mater development. He said that Yu Minhong has been developing his alma mater for many years, helping students grow and gathering alumni strength. His contribution to Peking University is long and diverse. This donation set up the Peking University New Oriental Education Fund again to reflect Yu Minhong's love and expectation to the alma mater, and to highlight the responsibility and responsibility of the northern adults to serve the society.

      Yu Minhong said that many great thinkers and universities, such as Zhu Guangqian and Ji Xianlin, have sprung up in the history of Peking University, such as Zhu Guangqian and Ji Xianlin, which have led China's thought and development and have a great influence. "Since I can not be the building of my mind, I would like to be a stone to lay the foundation for the building, so that the building of this thought can be more robust and longer in the land of Peking University." He hoped that the New Oriental Education Fund of Peking University could excavate more thoughtful people for the Foreign Language Institute. In the future, New Oriental will also provide resources, funds and other help to the outstanding talents discovered at Beijing University of foreign languagesNew tools using biomarkers for Lung Cancer Screening are still in research phase and await prospective trials to evaluate their effectiveness .

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