•   Recently,  of the "moving graduation season" micro video collection campaign was held in Beijing. According to the introduction, the event was jointly launched by Guangming Daily, Tencent video, and Guangming network. By the end of June, the expert committee of the organizers made a review of the short video collected by the organizers, and finally elected ten "graduation season, stay moved" micro video, and creative production of the micro film "graduation season"PolyU offers placement programmes / internship opportunities for students to widen their horizon and to obtain valuable working experience before graduation. .

      Zhang Donggang, director of the Department of education and politics, Ministry of Education

      Zhang Donggang, director of the Education Department of the Ministry of education, said at the start ceremony that the "moving and graduation season" micro video collection activity is an important measure and an innovative carrier to enrich the network culture construction, to play the function of network education and to create a clear and clear network space. First, the opportunity is good, the activities should be carried out in depth to study and carry out the important speech spirit of the general secretary of Xi Jinping in the Symposium of PekingAntimicrobial stewardship CochraneEffectivecommunicationofresultscouldhaveconsiderablehealthserviceandpolicyeffect. University and teachers, and encourage the vast majority of students with patriotism, inspiring, truth-seeking, and force. The two is the good theme, the activity collection and the memorable memories of the youth students' struggle and the time of the university can be moved. To encourage you to dream of my youth and my struggle; three is the good form, the bright daily and the Tencent strong together, the new media and new technology, the use of new technology will enhance the sense of the times and attraction of the activities, attract more young students to participate, the spread of positive energyEvery pharmaceutical warehousing in Asia Pacifichas its own set of rules for dealing with the delivery process. .

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  •   April 24, recently, Yu Minhong, the alumni of the 1980 Western Language Department of Peking University and the chairman of the New Oriental Education Science and technology group, donated 50 million yuan to Peking University on behalf of New Oriental, setting up "the New Oriental Education Fund of the Peking University", offering a special gift for the alma mater's 120th Anniversary school celebrationThe Hong Kong Polytechnic University is known as the best university of hong kong in providing hospitality education programme. .

      At the scene of the donation ceremony, Yu Minhong signed a donation agreement with Lin Jianhua, President of Peking University and President of the Foreign Language College of Peking University, and Lin Jianhua, the principal of the president, awarded Yu Minhong "Peking University honorary school".

      It is understood that the New Oriental Education Fund of Peking University will be used to strengthen the teaching and scientific research and talent training of Beijing University of foreign languages, support the construction of a high level of teachers, encourage students to participate in the practice of overseas exchange and study, and introduce and cultivate more top and leading talents for Beijing University and the stateHong Kong personal loan : CCB(Asia)'s personal instalment loan service allows you to enjoy liquidity with a low interest rate and $0 handling fee. Make your personal goals more reachable with extra cash on hands! .

      Lin Jianhua, President of Peking University, thanked Yu Minhong alumni for their concern and support for alma mater development. He said that Yu Minhong has been developing his alma mater for many years, helping students grow and gathering alumni strength. His contribution to Peking University is long and diverse. This donation set up the Peking University New Oriental Education Fund again to reflect Yu Minhong's love and expectation to the alma mater, and to highlight the responsibility and responsibility of the northern adults to serve the society.

      Yu Minhong said that many great thinkers and universities, such as Zhu Guangqian and Ji Xianlin, have sprung up in the history of Peking University, such as Zhu Guangqian and Ji Xianlin, which have led China's thought and development and have a great influence. "Since I can not be the building of my mind, I would like to be a stone to lay the foundation for the building, so that the building of this thought can be more robust and longer in the land of Peking University." He hoped that the New Oriental Education Fund of Peking University could excavate more thoughtful people for the Foreign Language Institute. In the future, New Oriental will also provide resources, funds and other help to the outstanding talents discovered at Beijing University of foreign languagesNew tools using biomarkers for Lung Cancer Screening are still in research phase and await prospective trials to evaluate their effectiveness .

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  • n April 11th, the governor of the central bank, Yi Gang, announced a number of major opening measures in the financial industry during the Boao Forum on Asia, which involved opening up market attention to the opening of the capital market to the outside world.

    Yi Gang said that after the joint efforts of China and Britain, the preparations for Shanghai Hun Tong have been progressing smoothly, and strive for the opening of Shanghai Unicom in 2018. He also announced that from May 1st this year, the daily amount of interconnection will be expanded by four times.

    , the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the Hongkong securities and Futures Commission issued a joint announcement, announcing the agreement to extend the daily line of interconnection and interoperability, and to adjust the daily line of Shanghai shares and deep shares to 52 billion yuan respectively. It's 42 billion yuan. This adjustment will come into force in May 1st this year. Gao Li, a spokesman for the SFC, said the expansion of the open policy will help long-term institutional investors overseas to participate in the A share market and maintain the safe and stable operation of the market. Next, the two regulators will continue to strengthen the monitoring and supervision and cooperation of cross-border capital flows, accelerate the implementation of the supervision arrangements for transactional transactions, ensure the smooth operation of interconnected mechanisms, and promote the common prosperity and development of the two markets.

    On the same day, the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a notice to adjust the volume of Shanghai and Shenzhen Hong Kong jointly. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange indicated that as of March 31, 2018, the total amount of Shenzhen Hong Kong exchange was 2 trillion and 200 billion yuan RMB, and the overall cross-border capital inflow to RMB 35 billion 149 million yuan, and the operation effect was remarkable. Next, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange will pay close attention to the market operation of Shenzhen Hong Kong after the expansion of the daily quota, continuously strengthen the monitoring and supervision and cooperation of trading, accelerate the implementation of the supervision arrangement for transactional transactions, improve the efficiency of cross-border supervision and supervision, promote the improvement of interoperability mechanism, and maintain the smooth and stable operation of the market security.

    Hongkong regulators and the industry welcomed the easing of the quota. Hongkong SFC chief executive Mr alder said, the daily amount of expansion will facilitate investors to enter the stock market in Hongkong and the mainland. Chen Delin, President of the Hongkong monetary authority, said the expansion of the daily line would further enhance the liquidity and certainty of the transaction, and also help to ensure the smooth integration of the MSCI emerging market index into the A stock market this year. Li Xiaojia, chief executive of Hong Kong stock exchange, said that expanding daily quotas in time responded to changing market demands. Fang Xinghai, vice chairman of the SFC, said that the liberalization of the quota will not bring volatility in the domestic stock market. Foreign investors are mainly institutional investors, and the investment behavior is very stable. At present, the investment ratio of these institutional investors is very small in China stock market, which is only about 2%, which will not lead to large fluctuations in the stock market.

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  • 1. Time

    Living in a technology rich world seems to help us save time. It’s true… partially. Think about how much time do you spend chatting with friends online, watching videos or just leafing through some colorful pictures? Your phone can suddenly break for no reason and your laptop can hang and you can lose important information. Look at the kids – they are all obsessed with social media and computer games. So do you still believe technology helps us get more done during the day? Maybe we could spend our time even more efficiently without all those innovations.


    2. Discontent

    The biggest problem of all technologies is that we`re never fully contented with them. No matter what laptop you have, there`s a better one you`d like to get. Even if today you have the newest gadget, there`ll be the improved one to buy tomorrow. We often have misunderstandings with computers and their softwares that need to be fixed and it also annoys a lot. The more people improve their technology, the more problems they encounter.


    3. Friends

    Are you a social media user? Nowadays most people are and everyone has hundreds of online friends. You probably also have about 200, 500 or 700 so-called friends that you haven`t even seen ever in your life. Do you feel the difference between online friends and real friends? Friends are people whom you can rely on and share grief and happiness with. Can you rely on your online friends?


    4. Children

    Today’s young generation can`t imagine their life without smartphones, tablets, computers and the Internet. Most children lose their sight at a very early age because of modern technology. They suffer from the lack of movement and many of them have already forgot how the sunshine looks like. Furthermore, children now have an access to all that adult stuff that effects them badly and can even cause psychological frustrations.


    5. The screen size really matters

    The screen size of your phone is another irony in a modern world of technology and here`s why… Do you remember when cell phones only started to appear? That time cell phones were huge sized and that was a real problem. Then they gradually became smaller and thinner. The smaller size of cell phone you had the cooler you were. Now we need the bigger screens and again our smartphones become bigger. What`s actually going on?


    6. Buy, buy, buy!

    In truth, old things work better and longer than new ones. My parents bought an iron when they were teenagers. Even though they don`t use it now, that iron is still ready to work after twenty five years. You wouldn`t find the thing of the same quality on the modern market. Nowadays it`s easier to buy the new one if something is wrong with your gadget as it`s extremely expensive to fix them.


    7. Naive expectations

    Do you remember those old movies about the estimated future? More than 30 years ago people thought that the humanity would have flying cars and robot-workers in 2000s. It`s so funny to compare old naive expectations with the current reality. This is probably the biggest irony of a technology rich world.

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  • 1. They create happiness from within.

    Happy people don’t base their happiness on external stimulations. They realize once the stimulant is gone, their mood would be ruined. Instead, they look for internal sources of positive energy and practice mindfulness.


    2. They practice positive thinking.

    Thoughts influence your actions, so, if you think Dream beauty pro negatively, there’s no bright future ahead of you. Positive people don’t believe in the excuses their minds come up with. Through positive affirmations and finding the good side of any problem, they make sure they are mentally set up for success.


    3. They look for reasons to believe in themselves.

    “Never let the negativity get to you. There are gonna be a lot of people you have to plow through, but as long you believe in yourself, that’s all that matters.” – Becky G.


    There are endless reasons to believe in yourself even if you feel completely helpless and worthless. These negative thoughts are temporary obstacles and most of the time, they are made-up.


    4. They cut off negative people.

    Your surroundings have a tremendous impact on yourself. If you spend time with positive people, you are more likely to be happy and content. On the other hand, if you are too close to naysayers and complainers, you will have a hard time removing the negativity from your life.


    Use these 9 tips to deal with negative people.


    5. They train regularly.

    Physical training is associated with releasing endorphins which are responsible for “feeling good.” Treating your body the right way pays off and results in reduced stress and boosted happiness. On the other hand, if you ignore your body’s needs, it will let you experience the negative consequences soon enough.


    6. They spend time in the nature.

    Being in the nature clears your mind and relaxes your body. Positive people dedicate a part of their day to get outside and admire the beauty of our planet. It’s a great way to load your batteries!


    7. They avoid impulsive spending.

    Nowadays, extra deals and sales fight for your attention, so it’s easy to end up lost in the buying mode. Whereas excessive buying may make you feel better instantly, from a long-term perspective, it’s an unhealthy habit positive people avoid at all costs. They would rather invest in experiences to discover the world and create some great memories.


    8. They accept failure.

    Positive people embrace failure as they realize it’s the only way to learn and grow. Whenever they collapse, they work hard to get at the top again instead of giving up. Even though a failure brings negative emotions, they comprehend these are brief and will fade away quickly. To accelerate the process, they keep thinking positively.


    9. They take full responsibility.

    Positive people always give themselves the responsibility for what happens in their lives. Whether it’s a success or failure, it’s always an effect of their actions and thoughts. A positive person will never blame external factors and focus on things within the reach that could be improved.


    By doing that, they pursue being better and experience constant progress instead of getting frustrated by things out of their control.


    10. They learn to control their thoughts.

    A mind can be easily brought out of control by sudden negative thoughts. Positive individuals know if they don’t control their thoughts, they will lose control over Dream beauty pro hard sell their actions and behaviors. For this reason, they practice mind control, for example through meditation.


    11. They devote some time to relax.

    Instead of trying to be perfect, positive people realize sometimes you need to slow down, make your goals and ambitions secondary and simply loosen up. By doing this, they avoid burning out which would cause unnecessary negative energy.


    In a nutshell, they take a step back to move further the next day.


    12. They believe there’s always a solution.

    Sometimes, life hits you hopelessly hard. At these moments, you tend to doubt your abilities to solve the current problem. The fact is, there’s always a way to overcome an obstacle and positive people keep that in mind. Even if they reach rock bottom, they believe it happens so they can get to the top even stronger.


    13. They know when to say no.

    The value of saying ‘no’ and ‘yes’ at the right moment is priceless. Opposed to misconceptions, these two words have an immense power and how you use them dictates what happens in your life.


    Positive people focus on their priorities instead pleasing others. That’s why they know there are many things you don’t need to say yes to.


    14. They don’t look for anyone’s approval.

    If you let others’ opinions paralyze you, you will have a hard time feeling good and happy. Many people are afraid of not getting validation and being criticized. Positive individuals think and act quite the opposite.

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