• stung quickly wipe fun

    That evening the father sleep in my bunk bed wardrobe, because only one set, he padded winter cotton padded jacket and blankets to sleep. I asked him the morning of the second day: "sleep well?" He said: "fortunately." In fact, he lied to me, he did not sleep, I heard his voice and tone toss about a night sigh. Do not know because the incident of the day because the bed is too hard, perhaps both, alexander hera like the midnight roar of the train, sharp and, lonely and go.


    Now I go to the University, my sister do the best student in the best high school. It looks beautiful, but the expenditure of the home is gradually fierce. Father in order that we both feel at ease reading, even picked up the waste years of beekeeping technology. He is very busy now, the side to run credit agency business, and to have the restless bees. Alas, all is well over forty people, and is half of the public and respected, but want to spell out the passion of young people, it is not easy. I write these in fact ignore the huge grievance and torture he received, my mother told me, even the most skilled beekeeping experts, one day will be stung by a bee five or six times. Her words finally shattered my first exist fluky psychology, see flowers bloom I seem to see the father is led his children in school, his a powerful army kept busy little bees, alexander hera pre wedding like me, betrayed, attack him, shooting his hand, his face, his nose, his eyes, all he exposed the dark skin, the poison nippers finally through his body has been stabbed my heart, let me feel the great panic and anxiety. I even think back to replace him, kill his queen, kicking his beehives, let them fuck off. But just tell him to take protective mask, also did not have much effect, apiculture is deliberately, sometimes it depends on the eye and hand, father often have to end a basin of soapy water beside, stung quickly wipe, get throught a thing carelessly. My great father.

    A few days ago to see Qin or write a sentence: the father is my fatal weapon. A imprint is engraved on my heart. identity arise spontaneously. My father in me, too. Don't you know by now how much I love him, love him more than my youth, my ideal, I love what Hai Zi and Yu Hua, even more than my life. I would like to find him a chance to beat me up, make up my son should bear the pain, I am willing to pray for him, as he lost a few years, he lived only a few years, let alexander hera價錢 me do a few years the dutiful son. I'll tell him, if there is an afterlife, I still need to do his son, I want to make his son for ever and ever. Still Qin deludes and birds, my good brothers, I forgot to tell you, in fact, father and we, we are each other's deadly weapons. You must cherish the father knew the great kindness, love, we are to love and respect all, is to use a lifetime to repay.

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