•   A family-operated chocolate manufacturing company from Sesvete, around Zagreb, is bringing a brand new around the globe chocolate trend to Croatia to the 1st time.

      Vrsna Chocolates not long ago launched their most recent solution, Ruby chocolate, the red-pinkish chocolate that is the fourth and most current discovery on the globe of chocolate soon after milk, dim and white chocolate.

      Ruby chocolate is comprised of the “ruby cocoa bean” which can be current botanical cocoa bean varieties that have been identified as having the right characteristics being processed into ruby chocolate. The first Ruby chocolate on the globe was sold in 2018 and Croatia now joins a handful of nations around the world creating it.

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      “This chocolate puts Croatia suitable close to chocolate giants such as Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, England etc. Inside our creation we utilize the entire world best chocolate imported from Belgium and Switzerland and mix it with domestic herbs, nuts, honey and usual Croatian ingredients,” Fran Reizl, Vrsna Sweets output supervisor stated, in advance of introducing.

      “After creation of white chocolate, which took place within the 1930s, news spread following a decade of exploration and energetic perform that there's a way to make pink chocolate. A Belgian-Swiss staff of chocolate specialists found a completely new method of fermenting and roasting cocoa beans as a way to maintain the all-natural color of cocoa fruit. Cocoa fruit is of course red-pinkish therefore the color is completely all-natural. The result is astounding both of those in colour as well as in taste. The colour is very pink along with the flavor has fruity and acidy notes which can be extremely refined but greatly current much too.”

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      Candies have enriched the wealthy flavor of Ruby with pistachios and freeze-dried normal raspberries and final 7 days unveiled it to the community.

      Together with Ruby, the corporation makes a variety of other high-quality dim, milk, and white sweets.

      “We perform with gold chocolate, which is a mix of caramelised sugar and caramelised milk. Our Swiss-Belgian lover is one of the oldest chocolate producers and considered one of probably the most important organizations in refining cocoa beans on the route to be chocolates. Although using that good quality of chocolate we blend it with domestic elements these types of as honey, hazelnuts, ground carob, herbs this kind of as lavender. During the conclusion what we get is actually a chunk of extremely distinctive chocolate and it is an item of Croatia,” Fran states.

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      And also bars, they also make chocolate truffles and pralines which are all wholly handmade by their skilful staff and they are enriched with a good amount of components. They also produce candies branded with Croatian locations and metropolitan areas, in addition to a Dalmatian dog chocolate which honours the area of Dalmatia trough its reference to the canine breed.

      “If someone celebrates a birthday, or incorporates a wedding day, we've been ready to generate custom made containers or simply tailor made chocolate bars, truffles and pralines with the celebration. Customized items are a really special method to express gratitude and really like both in personalized and small business realm.”

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  •   人們常常說,一個人的衰老是從眼部開始的。很多人年紀輕輕就開始出現眼紋,這主要是因為眼部肌膚特別的薄,一旦缺水或者缺乏膠原蛋白,就會變現得非常的明顯。而其主要的表現方式就是眼紋。當然,我們只要知道了產生原因,就能夠對症下藥,減淡眼紋。

    new beauty hk美容中心整個脫毛療程是無痛的,在療程過程中只會感覺到涼涼的,一會的功夫就將身上多餘的毛毛清除乾淨了。而且脫毛的部位的肌膚變得嫩滑,水潤。對於普通毛髮量的愛美人士來講,只需要一次的療程就可以將多餘的毛髮全部的清除掉。


    new beauty於香港為客人去除黑眼圈及去眼袋解決眼部問題不計其數,但香港人對去眼袋及是去除黑眼圈療程認識不深,一般以為需要用手術去除,Exilis Pro第2代眼袋槍能完美去眼袋,徹底清除浮腫眼袋及促進眼周血液去眼圈,無痛免手術之苦。


    Exilis Pro最新第2代眼袋槍全方位眼部療程,能夠一次減淡眼紋,使眼睛重拾光彩明亮。配合Elase IR膠原槍減淡虎紋,收細毛孔及令肌膚回復幼嫩細緻。New Beauty兩個皇牌專利科技療程助你無懼歲月,活出自信人生。








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  •   Recently,  of the "moving graduation season" micro video collection campaign was held in Beijing. According to the introduction, the event was jointly launched by Guangming Daily, Tencent video, and Guangming network. By the end of June, the expert committee of the organizers made a review of the short video collected by the organizers, and finally elected ten "graduation season, stay moved" micro video, and creative production of the micro film "graduation season"PolyU offers placement programmes / internship opportunities for students to widen their horizon and to obtain valuable working experience before graduation. .

      Zhang Donggang, director of the Department of education and politics, Ministry of Education

      Zhang Donggang, director of the Education Department of the Ministry of education, said at the start ceremony that the "moving and graduation season" micro video collection activity is an important measure and an innovative carrier to enrich the network culture construction, to play the function of network education and to create a clear and clear network space. First, the opportunity is good, the activities should be carried out in depth to study and carry out the important speech spirit of the general secretary of Xi Jinping in the Symposium of PekingAntimicrobial stewardship CochraneEffectivecommunicationofresultscouldhaveconsiderablehealthserviceandpolicyeffect. University and teachers, and encourage the vast majority of students with patriotism, inspiring, truth-seeking, and force. The two is the good theme, the activity collection and the memorable memories of the youth students' struggle and the time of the university can be moved. To encourage you to dream of my youth and my struggle; three is the good form, the bright daily and the Tencent strong together, the new media and new technology, the use of new technology will enhance the sense of the times and attraction of the activities, attract more young students to participate, the spread of positive energyEvery pharmaceutical warehousing in Asia Pacifichas its own set of rules for dealing with the delivery process. .

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  •   April 24, recently, Yu Minhong, the alumni of the 1980 Western Language Department of Peking University and the chairman of the New Oriental Education Science and technology group, donated 50 million yuan to Peking University on behalf of New Oriental, setting up "the New Oriental Education Fund of the Peking University", offering a special gift for the alma mater's 120th Anniversary school celebrationThe Hong Kong Polytechnic University is known as the best university of hong kong in providing hospitality education programme. .

      At the scene of the donation ceremony, Yu Minhong signed a donation agreement with Lin Jianhua, President of Peking University and President of the Foreign Language College of Peking University, and Lin Jianhua, the principal of the president, awarded Yu Minhong "Peking University honorary school".

      It is understood that the New Oriental Education Fund of Peking University will be used to strengthen the teaching and scientific research and talent training of Beijing University of foreign languages, support the construction of a high level of teachers, encourage students to participate in the practice of overseas exchange and study, and introduce and cultivate more top and leading talents for Beijing University and the stateHong Kong personal loan : CCB(Asia)'s personal instalment loan service allows you to enjoy liquidity with a low interest rate and $0 handling fee. Make your personal goals more reachable with extra cash on hands! .

      Lin Jianhua, President of Peking University, thanked Yu Minhong alumni for their concern and support for alma mater development. He said that Yu Minhong has been developing his alma mater for many years, helping students grow and gathering alumni strength. His contribution to Peking University is long and diverse. This donation set up the Peking University New Oriental Education Fund again to reflect Yu Minhong's love and expectation to the alma mater, and to highlight the responsibility and responsibility of the northern adults to serve the society.

      Yu Minhong said that many great thinkers and universities, such as Zhu Guangqian and Ji Xianlin, have sprung up in the history of Peking University, such as Zhu Guangqian and Ji Xianlin, which have led China's thought and development and have a great influence. "Since I can not be the building of my mind, I would like to be a stone to lay the foundation for the building, so that the building of this thought can be more robust and longer in the land of Peking University." He hoped that the New Oriental Education Fund of Peking University could excavate more thoughtful people for the Foreign Language Institute. In the future, New Oriental will also provide resources, funds and other help to the outstanding talents discovered at Beijing University of foreign languagesNew tools using biomarkers for Lung Cancer Screening are still in research phase and await prospective trials to evaluate their effectiveness .

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  • n April 11th, the governor of the central bank, Yi Gang, announced a number of major opening measures in the financial industry during the Boao Forum on Asia, which involved opening up market attention to the opening of the capital market to the outside world.

    Yi Gang said that after the joint efforts of China and Britain, the preparations for Shanghai Hun Tong have been progressing smoothly, and strive for the opening of Shanghai Unicom in 2018. He also announced that from May 1st this year, the daily amount of interconnection will be expanded by four times.

    , the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the Hongkong securities and Futures Commission issued a joint announcement, announcing the agreement to extend the daily line of interconnection and interoperability, and to adjust the daily line of Shanghai shares and deep shares to 52 billion yuan respectively. It's 42 billion yuan. This adjustment will come into force in May 1st this year. Gao Li, a spokesman for the SFC, said the expansion of the open policy will help long-term institutional investors overseas to participate in the A share market and maintain the safe and stable operation of the market. Next, the two regulators will continue to strengthen the monitoring and supervision and cooperation of cross-border capital flows, accelerate the implementation of the supervision arrangements for transactional transactions, ensure the smooth operation of interconnected mechanisms, and promote the common prosperity and development of the two markets.

    On the same day, the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a notice to adjust the volume of Shanghai and Shenzhen Hong Kong jointly. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange indicated that as of March 31, 2018, the total amount of Shenzhen Hong Kong exchange was 2 trillion and 200 billion yuan RMB, and the overall cross-border capital inflow to RMB 35 billion 149 million yuan, and the operation effect was remarkable. Next, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange will pay close attention to the market operation of Shenzhen Hong Kong after the expansion of the daily quota, continuously strengthen the monitoring and supervision and cooperation of trading, accelerate the implementation of the supervision arrangement for transactional transactions, improve the efficiency of cross-border supervision and supervision, promote the improvement of interoperability mechanism, and maintain the smooth and stable operation of the market security.

    Hongkong regulators and the industry welcomed the easing of the quota. Hongkong SFC chief executive Mr alder said, the daily amount of expansion will facilitate investors to enter the stock market in Hongkong and the mainland. Chen Delin, President of the Hongkong monetary authority, said the expansion of the daily line would further enhance the liquidity and certainty of the transaction, and also help to ensure the smooth integration of the MSCI emerging market index into the A stock market this year. Li Xiaojia, chief executive of Hong Kong stock exchange, said that expanding daily quotas in time responded to changing market demands. Fang Xinghai, vice chairman of the SFC, said that the liberalization of the quota will not bring volatility in the domestic stock market. Foreign investors are mainly institutional investors, and the investment behavior is very stable. At present, the investment ratio of these institutional investors is very small in China stock market, which is only about 2%, which will not lead to large fluctuations in the stock market.

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